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When developing your new media strategy, our team works hand-in-hand with you to find innovative ways to define your brand and tell your story. Openness, transparency, and honesty allow us to work from an integrated vision. Let's grab a coffee or a bite and put our heads together.


Let's get our hands dirty! Our nimble team of filmmakers goes to work creating the cinematic story of your brand or product. Whether in-studio or on location, in the foggy confines of San Francisco or the beaches of Barcelona, we go where the story is best told.


Now's the time to implement the strategy. We prepare your content to optimize performance for web, mobile and/or broadcast, and collaborate with you on release schedules and methods of distribution. It's time to show your audience what your brand is all about.

Selected Clients

Some of the people that inspire us, and love working with us.



“It is great to be able to work with a partner as super reliable and responsive to client needs as Bokeh. We were very pleased with the end product; the camera work is fantastic with high-quality shots that have a nice creative touch."


“I’ve worked with Bokeh on a number of projects. Bokeh consistently delivers beautiful content while remaining extremely agile in dealing with the evolving landscape of technology. They are great problem solvers. The end product is always professional and polished - something rare to find in the agency business.”


"From the brainstorming phase down to the last edit, Bokeh Inc. was great to work with. Their work is absolutely beautiful. My jaw dropped when I watched playback of the first scene. The level of management skill and artistic talent required to produce work like that cannot be overstated."

Aseptic Solutions USA

"I worked with the Bokeh team on a corporate video. They came to the table with new, fresh ideas which were executed perfectly. I wouldnt hesitate in using Bokeh for the next project."


"Bokeh puts customer needs at the forefront and I would recommend them to any company that needs help with marketing."



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